Snow Day [LP] by Transmittens [2010]

Transmittens . Snow Day . OB/W10-023

1. Snow Day
2. Like Me
3. Color The Sky
4. Go With You
5. Find Me
6. I Saw You Walking
7. Tiger
8. Beside The Sea


Two sweeties who put their feet in Lawrence, Kansas and starting filling it with their special brand of tinny-beated, moog-enhanced pocket pop. Danny and Jen don’t like to play live, but everyone else loves it.

The above lines are all you're gonna find about them in a quick search on the Internet.
Well, if you understand Portuguese there's an article here: amplificasound.blogspot.com.

Beautiful pop songs, good lyrics, all very lo-fi and at the same time well-finished, and twee. Yeah, Transmittens!

They've been releasing their wonderful music via the also wonderful WeePOP! recs from London.
This time they're here with us instead!

And if now you're waiting for moog and casio sounds from them, well, think twice!

This album is all guitars, acoustic and electric, yeah perfect jingle jangle guitars.
I mean, the effective/distinctive drum machine is still there, so are the beautiful delicate vocals, but you can't hear any keyboard at all!
And there's some live drumming as well! And by drumming I mean Moe Tucker style, just so you get the idea.
Think of Softies, Jesus and Mary Chain, Beat Happening and Magnetic Fields, you're half-way there.

O Bosque / Woodland proudly presents Snow Day, the new album by Transmittens.
Enjoy, color the sky!




<a href="http://ob-w.bandcamp.com/album/snow-day">Snow Day by O Bosque / Woodland</a>
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Quite Happy, Thank You [EP] by The Argyle Wishlist [2010]

The Argyle Wishlist . Quite Happy, Thank You . OB/W10-021

1. Sever All Your Ties
2. It Seems Alrigh
3. I Already Know
4. Overdue Books
5. Other People's Records
6. Race to the Raft


The Argyle Wishlist is a reverb-loving Indie Pop band based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The group began in 2004 as the solo project of Jesse Bell (former songwriter and guitarist of the Michigan garage-pop combo "The Keen") but after a dozen various releases has grown to a three piece including Zach Butler on bass and Tim Raymond on drums.

The band draws heavily on 60’s pop and British Invasion influences, along with strong elements of 90's Indie Pop, to create more modern, two minute gems.

O Bosque / Woodland proudly presents Quite Happy, Thank You, the new EP album by The Argyle Wishlist.
Enjoy, it's a wonderful record, really.




<a href="http://ob-w.bandcamp.com/album/quite-happy-thank-you">Sever All Your Ties by O Bosque / Woodland</a>
Buy it on ob-w.bandcamp.com (support DIY!)


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