Woodland is where I want to be


O Bosque / Woodland is a micro-label, purely DIY, originally created as a cassete label in Brazil during the 90s.
In the beginning it was a fanzine, about underground music, literature, movies and travel. The fanzine became a label, with which I released material of my own band among others. Later the label started to sell cdrs and distribute other labels as well.
The only proper CD release by the label was a compilation with Brazilian indie bands called Different Songs, in 1998. And it sold well (for an indie release in Brazil).
Then the label was frozen.

I've been playing music since I was 15 (a long time ago, believe me) but I've never made it as a living. I've been a music lover since I was 12 (ok, you know) and that's why I've always been disparately having diverse jobs in all these years, outside the music industry, just to preserve the best music could offer to me: pleasure, with freedom/autonomy.

One of these days I was reading an interesting article about the way things've been changing since the advent of internet, mp3 and networks/sharing programs.

After spending almost 5 years in Italy, I decided to move to the UK and resume my music-related activities.

This blog is the site for the renewed O Bosque / Woodland.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bosquewoodland
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/label/O+Bosque+%2F+Woodland


How it works


It's pretty simple: I upload/release the records and you download/buy them.

Part of them can be downloaded for free.
Yes, free.

But why would you pay for a record if you can download it for free?
The (in)famous question.
And I say you'd do it mostly to help me to keep it up.
I mean, seriously.
Of course there are other reasons, like the mp3 quality, extras, the artwork etc. But I would say that the main (if not only) reason for you to buy the record from me should be that since you really like it you want to support me to keep my work up and running.
I know, that’s not what happens in our every day’s life. In our every day’s life we buy things because we can’t do otherwise… But there's a few good examples I’d want to follow (and here you could think of Radiohead or Nine Inch Nails, but I tell you, there are so many more, among us…).

Ok, that's it.
Feel free to comb!

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