s/t [LP] by Barins [2009]

Barins . s/t . OB/W09-007

1 - Barins (mr80011Lmr80013R)
2 - False Alarm
3 - Play
4 - Pidgin Living (A Bar In My Head)
5 - Second Opinion
6 - World Trip Sponsorship
7 - Lambrusco
8 - One Hour
9 - I Am Not Patient
10 - Cleanup Employees Party
11 - Nordkinn Path
12 - Dog On Leef I
13 - Breezing
14 - Harmony Among People
15 - spidermanbordercontrolicecream
16 - Barins (mr80012Rmr80014L)



This is my first effort as a musician since I came to live in England.

I played the drums and ‘sung’ on every song here.
The point here is having loads of fun, being ironic/sarcastic and enjoying booze. Well, except Larry, our 13 year-old guitar player (my son), who’s allowed to just a quick swig…

Barin is a real Italian surname and every member of the group has a fictitious (but inspired) name combined.
The major influences on the sound are The Fall, Modern Lovers, Ramones, Animal Collective, Guided by Voices, Velvet Underground and Pin Ups.

Here goes the beginning of the album liner notes:

Barins are a confraternity of lo-fi freethinking migrants.

This demo album is the result of their first - and for the time being, only - three recording sessions, held between December 2008 and February 2009.


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