amenic [LP] by Zanin [2009]

Zanin . amenic . OB/W09-010

1. DrocramA - 03:32
2. Porcaria (Muito Bem) - 04:05
3. Blue's Told Me - 03:25
4. Beep Bop - 05:12
5. Io Non So Parlare (Villafranca) - 03:06
6. Il Sacro Scemo - 02:08
7. Quando Percebi - 02:22
8. Vertigens - 02:47
9. Tra Là E Qua (Trae l'acqua) - 06:58
10. Bus(tle) - 08:06
11. Tom And The Terminals Beat Ben Heatrow Band Airlines - 02:29
12. RoadQuest - 03:14
13. Bye, Walden (bonus) - 03:55
14. Prugna (bonus) - 05:11
15. 4 Hours In Jail (bonus) - 02:53
16. Williams (bonus) - 02:59
17. Rapaziada (bonus) - 03:16
18. Ride (bonus) - 03:27



I’d always avoided releasing this material, because:
1. I used to think I would be able to find the time to record and/or remix everything properly;
2. More than 70% of the tracks contain non-authorized samples (well, I’ve never asked authorization).

All the process of composition, sampling, programming and recording was done between 2001 and 2004, before I emigrated from Brazil.

Some notes/tags on the tracks:

1. I’d already hatched at that time that I would live in Italy. It’s a homage to Fellini and Bruno Zanin. My son Lauro sings in Italian, he was 6 years old. The bass line is a sample of Megssa’s voice on Magic Crayon’s Air Guitar Man, low-pitched.

2. The drums loops were taken from a Magic Crayon rehearsal, I was playing the drums to Fabio Barbosa in order to arrange a new song. The voice sampled was taken from a protest inside a protest. The story is long, if you can read Portuguese, here it is:
Mídia Tática Brasil - Casa das Rosas.

3. That’s Nick Drake voice, with a Carpenters sampled piano, Fabio Barbosa sampled drums and my son Lauro sampled bass picking. In the end it’s Chopin, all processed, of course.

4. Simple experiment with sequencing, synthesizing and vocoder and a processed lot of chords from an acoustic guitar cd-rom course.

5. Processed citar and guitars, synthesized bass, and samples of me talking on the phone to an Italian priest, my teacher of Italian and my ancestors town’s council answering machine. I was researching my ancestry and learning Italian.

6. The lyrics here are a Kerouac’s excerpt, which I translated into Italian.

7. The lyrics are by Fotograma’s Luiz Jr. I sung this immediately after waking up in the morning.

8. Carmela Toninelo’s lyrics I’ve turned musical. Pseudo folk with drum machine (!).

9. Venetian dialect inside my distant relatives’ friend’s car. It was during my first trip to Italy, he was going to take some friends and me for a ride to see a castle but the hangover from the previous night party was killing me, so… mission aborted. Various bits processed from ambient noises.

10. Oxford street, and then inside a bus going to Brixton, London. My first time there, with a MD recorder inside my pocket. Drums made with noise bits from the ambient.

11. Another one made with ambient recordings. Samples processed to create bits of noises. Analogy between the movie The Terminal and our situation: we lost our flight in Heathrow, passed the whole night there.

12. The guitar Isabel’s grandfather left her and I, with an open tuning, and a single note on the keyboard. And a processed sample of Miles Davis. No words in order to see the road.

13. Recorded in one night, after one of Fotograma’s recording sessions at my place. This was the first time I used a sequencer and a drum machine on the computer. It’s full of samples, like Pulp Fiction, Joao Gilberto, Chico Science, Shuggie Otis, John Peel and MC5. The keyboard was Luiz Jr’s. Yes, we have tried to play together a long time ago and we’ve made some good recordings (at least in my opinion they were), which were never released.

14. This is about booze. Italian Booze. There had been a party at my place and we’d drunk all available booze already when I decided to open the bottle of Prugna I’d brought from Italy. And it was devastating… Voice samples of an Interpol’s interview (“thank you”) and mostly of Italian kitschy-comedy movie Vacanze di Natale. Instrument samples of Teenage Fanclub and a Scandinavian band that I can’t recall now.

15. The drums and the bass were all one only processed sample of Amanda Humphrey’s Power of Love. The voices samples come from the movies Angel Heart and Oriundi. The marvellous yellow tremolo pedal I used to record the guitar was Luis’, of the band Os Espectros, with which I was playing at the time.

16. My homage to Dead Poets Society and Robin Williams, with a Radiohead-type bass line and an indiepop funk carioca flavor.

17. Bezerra da Silva, Sandy, Dr Pimpolho, REM, Go-Betweens and drums samples of me playing for band Abstrato, all together.

18. This Nick Drake’s version was originally recorded by Luiz Jr and me for Fotograma. I played the open tuning acoustic guitar and we played his keyboard and sung together. I took his voice out of the mix for this version.




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