s/t [demo-EP] by O Passeio De Victor [1997]

O Passeio De Victor . s/t . OB/W97-003

1 - Mal
2 - Pedaços
3 - Estrada
4 - Um Passeio de Inverno Pelos Bosques e Cachoeiras de Paratinga
5 - A Prisão do Tempo e do Espaço
6 - A Idade da Razão



This one is really old, one of the first Woodland’s releases…

O Passeio de Victor is the name of this side project from Sao Vicente (seacost of the province of Sao Paulo, Brazil) I ran for a short period whilst playing with the penultimate incarnation of Moonrise, that is between the end of 1996 and the end of 1997.
It consisted of a bunch of friends who were into literature (existentialism, Beat generation, North American Naturalism/Transcendentalism), cult movies, Tropicalia, Clube da Esquina, Bossa Nova, Legiao Urbana, Mangue Bit and Indie Rock.

These six songs are the only recordings by this project.
I recorded the drums for the first three songs in a studio, on my own, in a two hour period, using a cassette portastudio in a rehearsal room. Everything else was recorded at home.

I would like to paste here the original press release (all photocopied in that fanzine kind of appearance, of course), but I didn’t find it, so when I’ll find it I’ll update this post…




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