Brazilian radio broadcast / podcast Loaded featuring O Bosque / Woodland

The edition number 227 of the Brazilian radio broadcast / podcast show called Loaded features two acts from O Bosque / Woodland's roster: In Cases and Zanin's Magic Crayon.

If you understand Portuguese, or if you don't but fancy us, check it out!

You can listen to the entire show subscribing with your iTunes itpc://loaded-e-zine.podomatic.com/rss2.xml or on their podomatic page.

But as I know that after some time they need to take out the old shows in order to make room for the new ones, I've edited a reduced version of this show.

You can listen to it directly at O Bosque / Woodland's Facebook page (streaming): http://www.facebook.com/pages/O-Bosque-Woodland/285096861959
Or you can download it from mediafire.com: http://www.mediafire.com/?goqnmtymydz


Sursis - The Lo-fi Recordings of the Early

O Bosque / Woodland proudly announces its next release:
Who? Sursis;
What? The Lo-Fi Recordings Of The Early (LP).
When? 2010-04-18.

Sursis is the personal project of Larry Barin.
Yeah, during the year 2009 he used to play in Brighton & Hove and London with the Barins, that lofi rock group of free-thinking migrants.

But Sursis has little (or nothing) to do with Barins, apart from that lofi way.
While Barins' sound is punky Sursis' is ambient driven.

Barins had to split up because of Larry’s age. He was 13 years old and no pub landlords in Brighton wanted him in their premises, so Barins weren’t able to perform, even if Walden Barin, another member of the group, was Larry’s father!

Anyway, after Barins split up, Larry concentrated on composing and recording in his bedroom.
This record is a collection of these recordings of him.
He was only 11 or 12 when he recorded Chillin' Out In a Sunny Day, the oldest song of the whole batch!

Here it is:


cosmoPOPlitan Volume 3 [LP-comp] by V/A [2010]

V/A . cosmoPOPlitan Volume 3 . OB/W10-013

01 - Antes De Cenar by Cineplexx [from Spain/Argentina];
02 - Butterfly Girl by Simon Bish [from England];
03 - Different by In Cases [from England/Brazil/Slovakia/Italy];
04 - Diversamente by Zanin [from Brazil/Italy];
05 - Gentians by The Penelopes [from Japan];
06 - Helium Bliss by K.A.F.H. [from Serbia];
07 - Inevitable by 1am sea [from England];
08 - Layers by Heidi Harris [from the USA];
09 - Moonlight by Vladimir Borovikov [from Russia];
10 - Ne M'Oublie Pas by Watoo Watoo [from France];
11 - No Need by Marie-Marie Cells [from France];
12 - Oh, Julia by The Mother Z's [from the USA];
13 - Open To Discussion by The Morrisons [from England];
14 - Optimist by Cleemann [from Denmark];
15 - Our Street by Sparrow [from England];
16 - Rezitati(T)On by Thorsten Soltau And TITO [from Germany];
17 - Serpenteando by Fotograma [from Brazil];
18 - Sleeping by Electric Needle Room [from the USA];
19 - Sunday Morning Light by Oh, Dearest! [from Sweden];
20 - The Fact Of Your Hands by Night Shall Eat These Girls And Boys [from the USA];
21 - To Wait by Ofelia Dorme [from Italy];
22 - Where The Fallen Leaves Were by That Lingering Feeling [from Philipines];
23 - Who Do You Love by Bjorv [from Sweden];
24 - Who To Fight by Glow Worm [from Canada];
25 - The Whole World Gathered To Watch Him Fade Away by Thunder Bunny [from the USA].


(English version below)


Local para venda no Brasil:


Aqui está a cosmoPOPlitan volume 3, a terceira de três coletas que marcam o meu retorno ao mundo das atividades de selo DIY, junto com o lançamento dos debutes de Zanin's Magic Crayon e In Cases.
Cada uma das coletas tem 25 faixas de artistas de vários países de 4 continentes diferentes.

Todo o lucro provindo das vendas será compartilhado entre os artistas e o selo. Claro que se ninguém comprar, não haverá o que ser compartilhado.

Apoie o DIY! :)

Here it is, cosmoPOPlitan Volume 3, the third and last of the series of compilations that mark my return to the world of DIY record label activities, together with the release of the debuts of Zanin’s Magic Crayon and In Cases.

All the profit from the selling will be shared equally among the artists and the label. Of course if no one buys, there’ll be nothing to be shared.

So if you think it’s worth a try, check it out! All the three compilations will be available on iTunes, bandcamp.com, Amazon, emusic, Napster, Spotify, last.fm etc.

Support DIY! :)


<a href="http://ob-w.bandcamp.com/album/cosmopoplitan-vol-3">cosmoPOPlitan vol 3 by O Bosque / Woodland</a>
Buy it on ob-w.bandcamp.com/ (support DIY!)


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