Short Songs For The Girl I Want To Meet [EP] by Sursis [2010]

Sursis . Short Songs For The Girl I Want To Meet . OB/W10-025

1. There's A Girl
2. I Hope You're Not Fooling Me
3. Seven O'Clock
4. Solo Mi e Ti
5. A Perfect Night (With You)


This is the new EP from Larry Barin’s project.

Larry is Lauro Zanin, he used to play the guitar in the Barins.
Barins had to split up just because of Larry’s age. He was 13 years old and no pub landlords in Brighton wanted him to stay in their premises...

Anyway, after Barins split up, Larry began composing and recording on his own.

This EP is totally different from everything he had recorded so far, here you find Sursis at his most indiepop moments!
So if you dig Beat Happening, Modern Lovers, Pastels, Violent Femmes, Vaselines, well, you need to check this out!




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<a href="http://ob-w.bandcamp.com/album/short-songs-for-the-girl-i-want-to-meet">Short Songs For The Girl I Want To Meet by O Bosque / Woodland</a>
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Goo Nite has been promoting live music in London for 4 years and organising weekly gigs at venues such as Buffalo Bar, The Lexington, Bardens Boudoir, The Wilmington Arms and The Half Moon.

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