Mental Garage Action Surfing [EP] by Hallo Driver [2011]

Hallo Driver . Mental Garage Action Surfing . OB/W11-026

1. Down The Brenta River
2. I Miss Them All, Dearly
3. It Was Insane
4. Oil Problem
5. The Sky's Collapsing
6. I Miss Them All, Dearly (Anthony Rochester's mix)
7. It Was Insane (sketch)
8. Oil Problem (sketch)


The name Hallo Driver comes from a nick name Walden Barin got in Germany when driving for the band Tamborines during their European tour of Nov/Dec 2010 (the nick was Hell Driver!).

The project is inspired mostly by Link Wray, Modern Lovers, The Fall, Stooges, Mummies and Velvet Underground.

Walden: drums, guitar, keyboard, vocal;
Larry Barin: guitar, drums, keyboard, vocal;
Becca Terry: guitar;
Frank Davey: vocal, keyboard, guitar;
Chokito: bass.

Recorded by Walden using a Zoom R16 portastudio.
Drums recorded with help from Walter Reis at the upstairs rehearsal room of Studio 284 in Brighton, UK, in a 2 hour slot sometime in January 2011.
Guitars, keyboard and vocal recorded at home, Brighton, UK, in an afternoon sometime in February 2011.
Bass recorded at Chokito's place, in London, UK, in a couple hours sometime in February 2011.

Mixed by Walden between February and March 2011, using Audacity on MacBook, in Brighton, Glasgow, UK, and Jersey City, USA.

Music composed by Walden and Larry;
Lyrics written by Frank, Walden and Larry.


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