The second of the first rehearsals [EP] by Magic Crayon [2015]

Magic Crayon . The second of the first rehearsals . OB/W15-060

1. A kind and green night in 1999 (2:22)
2. Never smile (3:19)
3. Wine (2:46)
4. People don’t want to see you fine (3:04)
5. Let’s get it on (5:54)

Total: 17:25

Magic Crayon:
Cesar Zanin - guitar, vocals;
Marco Costa - vocals;
Gilberto Custodio Jr: bass;
Fabio Barbosa: drums.

Recorded live with a cassette walkman at Zardoz studio (São Paulo) in late 1999, during Magic Crayon’s second rehearsal as a full band.
Except 5 recorded in 2002 with Ricardo Costa playing the drums and singing backing vocals also at Zardoz and 4 which is a sketch played by Cesar and Gilberto, recorded with a cassette Walkman in Cesar’s basement (São Paulo) in early 1999.

Cover photo by Isabel Monegatti.
Design by Cesar.

Songwriting credits:
1 & 4 by Cesar;
2 music by Cesar and words by Gilson R. Dias;
3 by Cesar and Isabel (Moonrise cover);
5 by Marvin Gaye and Ed Townsend.

O Bosque / Woodland recordings 2015

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