cosmoPOPlitan Volume 1 [LP-comp] by V/A [2010]

V/A . cosmoPOPlitan Volume 1 . OB/W10-011

01 - (Welcome To The) Monkeyhouse by The Phase 4 [from England];
02 - Agosto by Perturbazione [from Italy];
03 - All Details by Argyle Wishlist [from the USA];
04 - Balcony by Norton [from Portugal];
05 - Barbapapa Disc Jockey by Maisie [from Italy];
06 - Barins (mr80011Lmr80013R) by Barins [from England/Italy/Brazil/Slovakia];
07 - Be Here With Me by Miniskirt [from Japan];
08 - Behind The Mountain Facade by PAS [from the USA];
09 - Blunt by Quince [from Switzerland];
10 - Boy By A Bus By A Lake by Mike Downey [from Sweden];
11 - Girl From Venus by Egokid [from Italy];
12 - I Love You Baby by Anthony Rochester [from Australia];
13 - I Thought It Would Last Forever by Ossian Ekenger [from Sweden];
14 - Love Creek by Team Nisto [from the USA];
15 - Magic Land by The Yellow Melodies [from Spain];
16 - Melody Recliner by Mutable [from Italy];
17 - Senta Que La Vem Historia (Fred & Gabriele) by Magic Crayon [from Brazil];
18 - Shibainu by Tottemo Godzilla Riders [from Italy/Japan];
19 - Something's Happening Somewhere by Charlie Big Time [from England];
20 - Summer Breeze (Lucky Mix) by PNDC [from Serbia];
21 - Sunnyside Hospital by Al & Del [from France/Japan/Italy];
22 - Theme from Gravity Club by Dynatone [from Germany];
23 - This Is How I Feel Now by Zmitser Von Holzman [from Russia];
24 - Waterfall by Walden [from Brazil];
25 - Yoko Ono by The Japanese-Lovers [from the USA].


(English version below)


Aqui está a cosmoPOPlitan volume 1, a primeira de três coletas que marcam o meu retorno ao mundo das atividades de selo DIY, junto com o lançamento dos debutes de Zanin's Magic Crayon e In Cases.
Cada uma das coletas tem 25 faixas de artistas de vários países de 4 continentes diferentes.

Todo o lucro provindo das vendas será compartilhado entre os artistas e o selo. Claro que se ninguém comprar, não haverá o que ser compartilhado.

Apoie o DIY! :)

Here it is, cosmoPOPlitan Volume 1, the first of the three compilations that mark my return to the world of DIY record label activities, together with the release of the debuts of Zanin’s Magic Crayon and In Cases.

All the profit from the selling will be shared equally among the artists and the label. Of course if no one buys, there’ll be nothing to be shared.

So if you think it’s worth a try, check it out! All the three compilations will be available on iTunes, bandcamp.com, Amazon, emusic, Napster, Spotify, last.fm etc.

Support DIY! :)


<a href="http://ob-w.bandcamp.com/album/cosmopoplitan-vol-1">cosmoPOPlitan vol 1 by O Bosque / Woodland</a>
Buy it on ob-w.bandcamp.com/ (support DIY!)


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