Thunder Bunny - We Meat At Last

O Bosque / Woodland proudly announces its next release:
Who? Thunder Bunny & Disc Jockey;
What? We Meat At Last (single).
When? 2010-04-25.

First active from about 1995 to 2000, and now back again, like a bird returning from the south, sonic shoegazers Thunder Bunny from New Jersey recorded an incredible lot of songs.
As an aperitif for their forthcoming EP album on OB/W, you'll be able to grab a great download-only split single, featuring Thunder Bunny's version for New Zealand's one man band Disc Jockey's song Storm as A-side, and Disc Jockey's version for Thunder Bunny's Sleepy Head as B-side!

Look, I can tell you, you will love this couple songs, they're simply great!

Thunder Bunny's recent output's really impressive, take a look:
Demons on Edition 59 recs, My love, thou art a monster on Spanner recs, In a perfect world on Workerbee records, and The Other Children Of This Quickly Passing Winter on OB/W later next month.
And they're getting good reviews as well, from guys like indiemp3couk.wordpress.com, headunderwater.com, raamb-recordings.co.uk.

Ah, did I mention We Meat At Last will be a FREE download?!?

Click here.

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