Sursis – Time Is A Song For Drawn Hearts

O Bosque / Woodland proudly announces its next release:
Who? Sursis;
What? Time Is A Song For Drawn Hearts (EP).
When? 2010-05-09.

Sursis is the personal project of Larry Barin.
During the year 2009 he used to play in Brighton & Hove and London with the Barins, that lofi rock group of free-thinking migrants.

But Sursis has little (or nothing) to do with Barins, apart from that lofi way.
While Barins' sound is punky Sursis' is experimental/ambient driven.

Barins had to split up because of Larry’s age. He was 13 years old and no pub landlords in Brighton wanted him in their premises, so Barins weren’t able to perform...
Anyway, after Barins split up, Larry concentrated on composing and recording in his bedroom.
This record is a collection of these recordings of him.

Ah, did I mention it will be a FREE download?!?
Grab it here