Time Is A Song For Drawn Hearts [EP] by Sursis [2010]

Sursis . Time Is A Song For Drawn Hearts . OB/W10-020

1. Time's Song
2. Drawn Hearts
3. USA Trip
4. Piano Beach
5. Anyone Can


This is the FREE EP we've made for you to check Sursis, because we really love it and we think you could too!
Sursis is Larry Barin’s project.

Larry Barin is Lauro Zanin, he used to play in the Barins.
Barins had to split up just because of Larry’s age. He was 13 years old and no pub landlords in Brighton wanted him to stay on their premises...

Anyway, after Barins split up, Larry began composing and recording on his own.




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<a href="http://ob-w.bandcamp.com/album/time-is-a-song-for-drawn-hearts">Time Is A Song For Drawn Hearts by O Bosque / Woodland</a>


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