The Lo-fi Recordings of the Early – vol 2 [LP] by Sursis [2010]

Sursis . The Lo-fi Recordings of the Early – vol 2 . OB/W10-022

1. Drawn Hearts
2. Hot High And Stoned
3. Exams Week
4. Eyes' Transmission
5. Doesn't Mean Anything
6. Hot Snow
7. Groovy Dude
8. Weird Weird Weird
9. Earthrise, Sunshine
10. This Line Makes Us Rivals
11. Right Before You Realise
12. Too Much For Me
13. Why Should I Be
14. You're Gonna Lose It Again
15. This Time When I Open My Eyes


This is the second full album by Sursis, Larry Barin’s project.
And this album, just like the previous one, is made of songs precariously recorded only.

Larry Barin is Lauro Zanin, he used to play in the Barins.
Barins had to split up just because of Larry’s age. He was 13 years old and no pub landlords in Brighton wanted him to stay on their premises, so Barins wasn’t able to perform, even if Walden Barin, another member of the group, was Larry’s father!

Anyway, after Barins split up, Larry began composing and recording.
All the songs here were recorded at home by himself, some of them with a little help from Walden.



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