Sampler [LP-comp] by V/A [2010]

V/A . Sampler . OB/W10-024

1 - I Saw You Walking by Transmittens from OB/W10-023 (release date: June 27th, 2010)
2 - Sever All Your Ties by The Argyle Wishlist from OB/W10-021 (quite-happy-thank-you-ep-by-argyle.html)
3 - Why Should I Be by Sursis from OB/W10-022 (lo-fi-recordings-of-early-vol-2-lp-by.html)
4 - Soda by Thunder Bunny from OB/W10-019 (other-children-of-this-quickly-passing.html)
5 - I Was Hit by a Navy Blue Jeep by Sursis from OB/W10-017 (sursis-lo-fi-recordings-of-early-2010.html)
6 - All Winter Long by Magic Crayon from OB/W10-015 (magic-crayon-whatever-you-say-is-lie.html)
7 - Love Doesn't Happen That Way by Magic Crayon from OB/W10-014 (magic-crayon-s-t-2001.html)
8 - Antes De Cenar by Cineplexx from OB/W10-013 (va-cosmopoplitan-volume-3-2010.html)
9 - Serpenteando by Fotograma from OB/W10-013 (va-cosmopoplitan-volume-3-2010.html)
10 - Out Of Place by Next To Beluga from OB/W10-012 (va-cosmopoplitan-volume-2-2010.html)
11- Prayer by I Luv Luv Birds from OB/W10-012 (va-cosmopoplitan-volume-2-2010.html)
12 - I Love You Baby by Anthony Rochester from OB/W10-011 (2010/01/va.html)
13 - This Is How I Feel Now by Zmitser Von Holzman from OB/W10-011 (2010/01/va.html)
14 - Il Sacro Scemo by Zanin from OB/W09-010 (zanin-amenic-2009.html)
15 - Short Memory by In Cases from OB/W09-009 (in-cases-flat-2-2009.html)
16 - Going Away by Zanin's Magic Crayon from OB/W09-008 (zanins-magic-crayon-st-2009.html)
17 - Pidgin Living (A Bar In My Head) by Barins from OB/W09-007 (barins-st.html)
18 - Under The Stars by Walden from OB/W99-005 (walden-walden-moonrise-in-outerspace.html)
19 - You by Chronic Missing from OB/W98-004 (va-different-songs-1998.html)
20 - Lar Catolico by Divine from OB/W98-004 (va-different-songs-1998.html)
21 - Pedaços by O Passeio De Victor from OB/W97-003 (o-passeio-de-victor-st-1997.html)
22 - Wine by Moonrise from OB/W10-016 (moonrise-comping-2010.html)
23 - Miel (rehearsal recording) by Hacia Dos Veranos (bonus track)


The idea of a sampler release came to me when I started to receive messages from blogs wanting records from me for reviewing.

As this label is really DIY, that is with very limited resources, I absolutely can't send out many records for free, that's why OB/W's promotion unfortunately is almost inexistent...
With a sampler this problem can be, if not resolved, at least minimized.

And now everybody can enjoy another compilation as well.

Sampler, the album, compiles all OB/W's trajectory up to now. It includes even songs from upcoming releases, and a bonus track, previously unreleased (and probably never to be properly released, hehe).

So when you're gonna read a review about O Bosque / Woodland, it will probably talk about this album here.


<a href="http://ob-w.bandcamp.com/album/sampler">I Saw You Walking by O Bosque / Woodland</a>
Buy it on ob-w.bandcamp.com (support DIY!)


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