Woodland European Tour 2010

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July 23 – Glasgow, Scotland @ Pivo Pivo with Cherri Phosphate (myspace event; facebook event)
July 24 – Monaghan, Ireland @ The Brewery-McKennas (myspace event; facebook event)
July 25 – Brighton, England @ O Bosque Headquarters [house show] (myspace event; facebook event)
July 26 – Paris, France @ Pop In (myspace event; facebook event)
August 3 – Wroclaw, Poland @ Lulu Belle with Dead Snow Monster (myspace event; facebook event)
August 4 – Hamburg, Germany @ Molotow (myspace event; facebook event)
August 5 – Rostock, Germany @ The Stubnitz (myspace event; facebook event)
August 6 – Regensburg, Germany @ W1 with Mason Dixon Line (myspace event; facebook event)
August 11 – Nottingham, England @ The Alley Cafe with Mucous Mules and Burly Nagasaki (myspace event; facebook event)
August 12 – London, England @ The Wilmington Arms with Cineplexx and The Sunny Street (myspace event; facebook event)
August 13 - Edinburgh, Scotland @ Wee Red with My Electric Love Affair (myspace event; facebook event)

Woodland European Tour 2010 was conceived during Zanin's Magic Crayon North American Tour 2009. The idea is basically unite a road trip to a musical tour, avidly questing - both musically and more, and strictly following a DIY ethos.
Zanin's Magic Crayon and In Cases will play all the shows of the tour. The Argyle Wishlist will participate from the 23rd to the 28th July.

Brazilian indiepop pioneers Magic Crayon's frontman, Cesar Zanin, was invited to play in the USA in 2009 and in order to concretize a road trip of a lifetime, combined it to a 13-date tour; creating a project mixing in a pocket way indiepop, electronica, bossa, kraut, dub and shoegaze. http://www.myspace.com/zaninsmc

In Cases is a band formed in Brighton and Hove, UK, by 3 friends (ex Barins, that lofi freethinking emigrants group) from different countries (Slovakia, Brazil and Italy), in 2009. They make experimental-pop music.

The Argyle Wishlist is a reverb-loving Indie Pop band based in Wisconsin, USA. The group began in 2004 as the solo project of Jesse Bell but after a dozen various releases has grown to a three piece.

O Bosque / Woodland related Video Bar