Comping [LP-comp] by Moonrise [2010]

Moonrise . Comping . OB/W10-016

1 - Come And Take
2 - Wine
3 - Barbaric Yawp
4 - Nights Never End
5 - Civil Contempt
6 - Love
7 - Sunny Day/Rainy Day
8 - Wish Thinking
9 - When You Smile
10 - Done (acoustic)
11 - Good Inside
12 - Sleep + (C.T.)
13 - Mahatma (full version)
14 - Youthful Song (+ TBWTTIHS + O)


This only exists because I wanted to make available the songs Moonrise’s recorded and released in CD back in the nineties.
Moonrise never had a full album release until now, but at least one cassette compilation and four CD compilations feature Moonrise’s recordings.

The initial idea here was to make all these compilations fully available as digital downloads.
After all they were all either released or distributed by O Bosque / Woodland when they were made available in their original format, but I was afraid the other bands could maybe not be happy with this (and I was too lazy and impatient to contact them), so now we’ve got here Moonrise’s first full album ever.

Comping refers both to this eventual “release for releasing”, to practice of camping - so dear to the band’s members, and of course to its being a compilation of tracks previously release in compilations. And it refers primarily to the wish of providing some extra/bonus material.

Come And Take, Wine, Barbaric Yawp, Nights Never End, Civil Contempt and Love are from Old Moon Whale, a 18-track CD compilation released in 1996 by Artifact Records (run by City Limits’ members), featuring the bands Old Magic Pallas and Speed Whale alongside Moonrise, with 6 songs for each one of the three bands.

Sunny Day/Rainy Day comes from the Japanese CD compilation +S br “People Are Required…”, released in 2003 by Plan De Sens.
Some of th other bands in this compilation: Magic Crayon, Pullovers, Astromato, Walden, Valv, Multisofa, Grape Storms, Fellini, Pelvs and Luisa Mandou Um Beijo.

Wish Thinking and When You Smile are from Don’t Be Afraid My Son, released by Dead Birds Wanna Fly’s Alcides in 1995. This was probably the first CD compilation with indie-rock-pop bands ever released in Brazil. Some of the other bands in this compilation: Comespace, UV Ray, Cigarettes and Sleepwalkers.

Done (acoustic) is from This Is The Sun, a cassette compilation released by Solaris Records (run by The Automatics’ Alexandre Alves) in 1998. Some of the other bands in this compilation: Snooze, Swamps and May Speed.

Good Inside comes from Moonrise’s own compilation release: Out. This song was originally recorded back in 1994 for Woodland, which would have been Moonrise's first demotape, if it'd have ever been promoted.

Sleep, Mahatma and Youthful Song are from the compilation Different Songs, the first proper CD release by O Bosque / Woodland, of 1998. Some of the other bands in this compilation: Six Degrees, Chronic Missing, Divine and The Old Suit.
But here all three songs are special versions.




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