Out [demo-comp] by Moonrise [1996]

Moonrise . Out . OB/W96-002

1 - Percentual Moments
2 - When You Smile
3 - Sunday’s Dead
4 - (C.T.)
5 - Sunny Day/Rainy Day
6 - Nights Never End
7 - Good Inside
8 - (Est)
9 - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side



This is the third and last demotape by Moonrise, and it’s a compilation demo.
Every one of the three different phases of the band is represented in here.

Percentual Moments and When You Smile are from what I call the second phase, with City Limits’ Paulo programming the drum machine.
The first here is an outtake from the Old Moon Whale’s session (or Don’t Be Afraid My Son’s, I can’t recall now). The second is a different version from Don’t Be Afraid My Son and Victor.

Sunday’s Dead, Sunny Day/Rainy Day and my version for The Smiths’ The Boy With The Thorn In His Side are from the so-called third phase, and that is only I playing guitar and keyboard and singing.
Gilson wrote the lyrics and sung with me on Sunday’s Dead. Sunny Day/Rainy Day was released some ten years later by a Japanese label within a compilation CD dedicated to the Brazilian indie music.

Nights Never End and Good Inside are from what I called the first and last phase, with Marco playing the acoustic drum kit. Yeah, in the beginning Moonrise was Marco (drums), Isabel (bass) and me (guitar and vocal). Then, after the second and third phases of the band, with drum machine and second guitar players (Claudio and Cal), the last incarnation of the band was again Marco, Isabel and me.
Both tracks here were taken from the first demotape, Woodland.

Yes, Moonrise’s first demotape was called Woodland and was recorded back in 1994!
From there I took the name for my tiny underground label!
The cover drawing for this demo, Out, was by Pale Sunday’s Sineval.




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