s/t [EP] by Magic Crayon [2010]

Magic Crayon . s/t . OB/W10-014

1 - A Kind And Green Night
2 - Scanit
3 - Love Doesn’t Happen That Way
4 - Going Away
5 - A Kind And Green Night (Oscillator Choir Mix)
6 - Love Doesn't Happen That Way (Acoustic Live at Unisinos FM)
7 - Tutto Vuoto
8 - Love Happens On The 15th - Magic Crayon vs Fischerspooner (Bonde do Role's Gorky remix)



The first record by power indie pop band Magic Crayon, originally ‘released’ by Slag Records.

You can find some reviews of this one elsewhere. For example:

Here the liner notes:
All the instruments recorded at home, using a portastudio Tascam 424 and Sonic Foundry Vegas, between February and April 2001, except the drums, which were recorded at Zardoz Studio, Sao Paulo, in October 2000.
Mixed at home using Sonic Foundry Vegas and Sound Forge 4.5c.
Design by Cesar, photos by Isabel Zanin.
Music and words of 1 and 4 by Cesar. 2: music by Cesar and words by Neri Goncalves da Rosa. 3: music by Cesar and words by Gilberto.




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