Shiksa - De Volta Ao Mundo Fisico - Mercadoria - versao dO Bosque de 9-jul-2001 (2009)

Shiksa . De Volta Ao Mundo Fisico - Mercadoria - versao dO Bosque de nove de julho de dois mil e um . OB/W-EX02

1 - Entrevista De Emprego
2 - A Imitação Da Rosa
3 - Caminho Da Felicidade
4 - Ao Vivo Do Titanic
5 - Bob Fields
6 - Robson Cruzoé
7 - Galileu
8 - Jazz Pixies
9 - Eu Sempre Tranco
10 - Brincando Nos Campos Do Senhor
11 - Dom João
12 - O Cão
13 - Problema De Física
14 - Geladeira
15 - Gilberto Freire
16 - Samba 2
17 - Lúcio Flávio
18 - Satã
19 - Empirismo
20 - Abílio
21 - Você Também Pode Ser Um Jedi
22 - Chamada A Cobrar
23 - Desafio Ao Do Galo
24 - Made Up



Before 2004, when I emigrated from Brazil, I used to work mastering audio for bands and a couple of rehearsing and recording studios in Sao Paulo. This way I could know a lot of interesting bands.
This record by Shiksa is a collection of tracks I mastered for them in 2001. As I think they never released these versions I can say this record’s pretty exclusive.

But I didn’t know Shiksa because of this mastering thing. It was Sandro, from Quadrophenia studio and many excellent bands (like Momento 68 and Continental Combo), who presented Carlos and Helena to me. Later I found out that I was studying in the same university as Alex.
Carlos, the drummer for Shiksa, and I played together with Sandro once; we were trying to adapt my individual project Walden to a band format.

I really love Shiksa, their sound’s weird and cultured, ironic, strong, jazzy and rough, all at the same time! They’re from Sao Paulo.
Here’s their myspace.


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