Announcement: International compilation project tracklists and release dates!

After receiving hundreds of good submissions, in a mere 26 day period, from all over the world, we are pleased to announce the tracklists and release dates of our THREE international compilations!
We know the initial idea was to make one international compilation, but due to the incredible amount and superb quality of the material submitted, we thought “the more the merrier!”, so now you have three brand new compilations, in the series format.

The compilations will be released first as a digital download and probably later as a CD as well.
Even if this is our first project of this kind, a completely DIY project, with all its foreseeable/imaginable difficulties and monetary limitations, every artist on it will be remunerated.
Well, their remuneration will depend on the selling.
All the profit from the selling will be shared equally among the artists and the label. Of course if no one buys, there’ll be nothing to be shared.

So if you think it’s worth a try, check it out! All the three compilations will be available on iTunes, bandcamp.com, Amazon, emusic, Napster, Spotify, last.fm etc.
Support DIY! :)
Ok, here we go:

CosmoPOPlitan Volume 1
(release date: January 31, 2010)

01 - (Welcome To The) Monkeyhouse by The Phase 4 [from England];
02 - Agosto by Perturbazione [from Italy];
03 - All Details by Argyle Wishlist [from the USA];
04 - Balcony by Norton [from Portugal];
05 - Barbapapa Disc Jockey by Maisie [from Italy];
06 - Barins (mr80011Lmr80013R) by Barins [from England/Italy/Brazil/Slovakia];
07 - Be Here With Me by Miniskirt [from Japan];
08 - Behind The Mountain Facade by PAS [from the USA];
09 - Blunt by Quince [from Switzerland];
10 - Boy By A Bus By A Lake by Mike Downey [from Sweden];
11 - Girl From Venus by Egokid [from Italy];
12 - I Love You Baby by Anthony Rochester [from Australia];
13 - I Thought It Would Last Forever by Ossian Ekenger [from Sweden];
14 - Love Creek by Team Nisto [from the USA];
15 - Magic Land by The Yellow Melodies [from Spain];
16 - Melody Recliner by Mutable [from Italy];
17 - Senta Que La Vem Historia (Fred & Gabriele) by Magic Crayon [from Brazil];
18 - Shibainu by Tottemo Godzilla Riders [from Italy/Japan];
19 - Something's Happening Somewhere by Charlie Big Time [from England];
20 - Summer Breeze (Lucky Mix) by PNDC [from Serbia];
21 - Sunnyside Hospital by Al & Del [from France/Japan/Italy];
22 - Theme from Gravity Club by Dynatone [from Germany];
23 - This Is How I Feel Now by Zmitser Von Holzman [from Russia];
24 - Waterfall by Walden [from Brazil];
25 - Yoko Ono by The Japanese-Lovers [from the USA].


CosmoPOPlitan Volume 2
(release date: February 21, 2010)

01 - A Picture Of You by Double Dan [from Sweden];
02 - And Then You Realized by The Tinycakes [from the USA];
03 - Barry, Mick And Dot by Broken Down Lorry [from England];
04 - Captain D by Robert Church & The Holy Commmunity [from Sweden];
05 - Confusing Moments by Peace In Our Time [from Sweden];
06 - Everything Had Changed (In Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita, Santiago, Laguna Hills, San Clemente, Anaheim, Santa Ana and Irvine) by Your Yellow Dress [from the USA];
07 - Fingers Crossed by Transmittens [from the USA];
08 - Hawks & Whitles by Girls On Jetskis [from the USA];
09 - Love Doesn't Happen That Way by Zanin's Magic Crayon [from England/Italy/Brazil];
10 - Mal by O Passeio De Victor [from Brazil];
11 - New Orleans Is Burning Down by & Etc [from the USA];
12 - Not Everybody Gets To Be A Rolling Stone by The Westfield Mining Disaster [from England];
13 - Not The Girl by Minimal [from France];
14 - Op 27 #17 by Ned Hoper [from Russia/Australia];
15 - Out Of Place by Next To Beluga [from Denmark];
16 - Prayer by I Luv Luv Birds [from the USA];
17 - She Said by Factory Kids [from Scotland];
18 - She's A Cat Lover by Chasing Monday [from Indonesia];
19 - Skyspray - Sail On Solar Winds by Landerim [from the USA];
20 - Slut Boys by Except The General [from England];
21 - Stroke by Flannel [from Japan];
22 - The Great Lightness by Retro Grad [from Serbia];
23 - The Modest Couple by My Music Atlas [from the USA];
24 - When You Get What You Wanted You Lose What You Were by Sursis [from England];
25 - When Your Heart Is Breaking by The Florenteens [from the USA].


CosmoPOPlitan Volume 3
(release date: March 14, 2010)

01 - Antes De Cenar by Cineplexx [from Spain/Argentina];
02 - Butterfly Girl by Simon Bish [from England];
03 - Different by In Cases [from England/Brazil/Slovakia/Italy];
04 - Diversamente by Zanin [from Brazil/Italy];
05 - Gentians by The Penelopes [from Japan];
06 - Helium Bliss by K.A.F.H. [from Serbia];
07 - Inevitable by 1am sea [from England];
08 - Layers by Heidi Harris [from the USA];
09 - Moonlight by Vladimir Borovikov [from Russia];
10 - Ne M'Oublie Pas by Watoo Watoo [from France];
11 - No Need by Marie-Marie Cells [from France];
12 - Oh, Julia by The Mother Z's [from the USA];
13 - Open To Discussion by The Morrisons [from England];
14 - Optimist by Cleemann [from Denmark];
15 - Our Street by Sparrow [from England];
16 - Rezitati(T)On by Thorsten Soltau And TITO [from Germany];
17 - Serpenteando by Fotograma [from Brazil];
18 - Sleeping by Electric Needle Room [from the USA];
19 - Sunday Morning Light by Oh, Dearest! [from Sweden];
20 - The Fact Of Your Hands by Night Shall Eat These Girls And Boys [from the USA];
21 - To Wait by Ofelia Dorme [from Italy];
22 - Where The Fallen Leaves Were by That Lingering Feeling [from Philipines];
23 - Who Do You Love by Bjorv [from Sweden];
24 - Who To Fight by Glow Worm [from Canada];
25 - The Whole World Gathered To Watch Him Fade Away by Thunder Bunny [from the USA].





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